A Colourful Kerfuffle.

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I have been working with Darren from One Artisan for a few years now. His work with concrete is steadily increasing and I’ve seen his progress from making his spherical lamps all the way up to making and delivering huge … Continued

The Story Behind “We are Racers”

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A few years back I began a project titled “We are Racers” (see projects drop down) I shot a series of portraits and incidental shots around race paddocks here in the UK. The scope of the project was very prescriptive … Continued

Social Media Re-think

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It is done! Felt good to finally make the decision to delete Facebook. Thanks to those of you who expressed an interest in my photography and you will all receive an email to notify you of this post. A test … Continued

The Bigger Picture part 7 of 8

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Penultimate blog, some of my favourite images from the body of work created in Zambia, February 2017. First up a few large format portraits. Mr Zyambo, Hook Bridge Camp 2017. Stephen, Hook Bridge Camp 2017. Pharoah, Nkala Zambia 2017. Davidson, … Continued

The Bigger Picture part 6 of 8

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Post production created the biggest workload for me. I had to ensure all my film work arrived safely back in the UK to be developed and scanned. Customs are fairly switched on when it comes to travellers with film and … Continued

The Bigger Picture part 5 of 8

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From a photographic point of view the main aim for me as part of The Bigger Picture team was to try and get to know as many of the personalities involved with Anti-Poaching and bring back images that showed those … Continued

The Bigger Picture part 4 of 8

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My square format work resulted in nine triptychs and two large 75x75cm landscape prints for exhibition.       Imminent         Lion’s Eye View       The triptychs were basically three image stories about anti-poaching and … Continued