Fear Appeal

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I finally succumbed and applied a SSL certificate to my website. I didn’t really feel I needed it as I don’t sell from here and due to a combination of GDPR and spam I have removed the ability to comment on my blog. I have been reluctant to pay for certification because of the way it was being marketed. Sold as a must have, otherwise Google wouldn’t look favourably on non-compliant websites. Following some research it was clear that not having a SSL if not handling multiple customer details wasn’t really an issue. There are still a lot of websites out there that don’t have a certificate and they function perfectly well. 

In the process of switching over I have learned a few things so there has been some benefit in that sense. The only real reason it has been done is because my hosting package was due for renewal and I negotiated a two year certificate at no extra cost. 

Have a read of the attached PDF, by clicking on the text or image, if you have time and that might give you some idea of why I am constantly analysing advertising and how the masses are being manipulated. I understand that products and services need to be sold but I feel that current technology and the way data is used is going too far. I for one have started actively resisting the likes of Facebook and Google due to their incessant thirst for domination. The fact that GDPR came about is a sign that alarm bells have been ringing for a while and not just for me. 


The Utilisation of Fear Appeal at a Subconscious Level by Businesses and Advertising Designers in Still Image Based Campaigns