The Bigger Picture

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Another lazy (ish) post from myself but again this has a place here. The Bigger Picture project is gaining momentum by the day with this week being a huge turning point. It’s going to happen and an official press release will be going out on LinkedIn very soon. Freddy and Myself have also managed to secure a smaller project as a prelude to the main event. Again an anti-poaching based project with an emphasis on the people that are involved rather than the animals they serve to protect. The human element is something that I find extremely interesting. We are the ones that are not only causing the issues but the ones that can, and are doing something about it. I will put a full article up following the smaller project once it’s complete in early December, obviously it will be image based from my point of view. 


The following link is from a few weeks back, things have changed slightly but it gives you an outline to the project;