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A very short post about a recent project I have worked on as part of a collaborative team. My first venture into production and publication of a magazine and it was certainly a steep learning curve. Thankfully I was part of a team that had some very talented people so even though the workload was heavy the burden was shared. The final output is more than satisfactory for a first attempt with only a few minor changes that we would make should we do the same thing again, which we may well do. Got to make mistakes to learn lessons though.

Included in this post is a PDF version of the magazine, compressed slightly to aid with upload/download times. You can also find images of behind the scenes work along with extra images not included in the magazine on this Instagram @traditionalist_magazine The video to accompany The Clink article can be found on Vimeo; The Clink

Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen. Click below to view the PDF in a new window, you can save it from there if you wish. Enjoy.

Traditionalist Magazine

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 09.01.57

If anyone is interested in being featured in another issue then please get in touch in any way shape or form and once we have enough potential content to produce another then it might just happen.

Thanks for looking