Dave Mackay is a photographer who puts a lot of thought into his images. He’s also a man that doesn’t see the point in getting someone else to write words about him for his website, so he didn’t. He’s certainly not a man to sit there and write about himself in the third person so it stops here.

Having spent most of my adult life in the military it could be said I have a certain view of the world, always going to be the case for a soldier but that’s life. A few years ago I moved on, made decisions that needed to be made and chose to pursue something that has been part of my life since as far back as I can remember. Whether it was my parents capturing images on a point and shoot still camera, my grandparents on 8mm moving film or myself on my first roll of Ilford film, it’s always been there. These days I shoot digitally as well as on film but it makes little difference what’s in my hands.

As a photographer with a broad range of skills I tend to shoot whatever presents itself but portraiture and commercial work take precedence. I’m as comfortable in the studio as I am in a motor racing paddock or an infant swimming lesson. Published on numerous occasions, both in print and web based marketing campaigns, my images are out there doing what they were created to do.

Images on this site are a small selection. Use the social media buttons to find more of my work and check in on the blog now and again for updates.

If you need to get in touch then feel free to use social media or email davemackay@mlsphotography.co.uk